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Yoga Block

Yoga Block


One of the most widely used prop in yoga is the block. Made from high density, lightweight EVA foam, the block assists your young yogi in poses and to aid alignment and transitions. In addition to use for yoga, this block is widely used across all disciplines as an aid for stretching, and also extending your reach and body further. The block has a non-slip surface which is great for all your moves.


23cm x 15cm x 10cm

  • Blue Marble
  • Pink Marble



Length 23cm
Depth 15cm
Width/Surface 10cm
Weight 0.20kg



Our blocks are made of high density EVA foam.


How to care for your yoga block:

To care for your yoga block our recommendation is to spot clean using mild detergent and then either towel or air dry.

How do I select the right yoga block:

At Zuu we have selected the 7.62cm (3”) x 15.24cm (6”) x 22.86cm (9”) yoga block as it suits the size of a childs hand. Additionally, the firm foam provides support for stretches or working on balance with yoga poses.

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