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Rollout Beam


Zuu’s Rollout Beam is a great practice aid for the aspiring gymnast. This carpet top floor beam rolls out anywhere and stores easily.


The beam is 3m long, 35mm thick with a 15cm workable surface.

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Length 3m
Width/Surface 15cm workable surface
Thickness 3.5cm
Weight 2kg



The Rollout Beam is made of the same materials as competition floors and tumbling mats, and is guaranteed to improve balance beam skills.


Storage bag available.




What is the best beam for my child?

When considering a beam for your budding gymnast there are a number of considerations. A beam mat such as our cartwheel mat or home handstand mat are specifically designed for young children and early gymnasts (ages 4-7). The point of a beam mat is to challenge young kids to work the beam while keeping them safe. Our mat is designed with a line that mimics a beam on the mat. Another point of a beam mat is to inspire kids to stay on the beam while walking, or doing cartwheels.

Once your gymnast has mastered the beam mat either the Rollout Beam or Signature Beam are excellent options. Both can be stored easily either within their bags or under furniture. The benefit is that these beams can be placed on the floor. This should last for a couple of years, until your gymnast is comfortable to graduate to our 2.5m or 3m Junior Lite or Pro-Low Beams. The benefit of these beams is that they have the same surface as competition beams.

But, if your gymnast is older or working at a high level, you may want a longer beam to match that of competition beams. You can achieve this by combining two of the 2.5m beams. This is ideal for children older than 12 – 14 (dependent on skill level and height), as it offers more length to practice advanced skills. In higher levels, gymnasts need to connect advanced skills, and practice an entire sequence of skills without having to turn around. In addition, your gymnast might want a beam that is just like the one at the gym.

In competition, a routine is choreographed to use the entire beam. Sometimes, having the same type of home equipment helps inspire confidence that gymnasts need to master difficult skills. As mentioned above, shorter beams can be added together to make creating a longer beam more economical, and doesn’t require a huge investment of space or money right away. At Zuu, we don’t recommend higher beams for home use unless you have 20cm thick crash mats surrounding the beams.

What is the size of a competition beam?

The dimensions of a competition balance beam are as follows:

Height: 1.25m (4.10 ft)

Length: 5m (16 ft)

Width: 10cm (3.9 in)

What mats are best for each piece of equipment?

At Zuu, we believe that you should always keep your gymnast safe by accompanying a mat with some of the key apparatus. For our High Fly Bars our suggestion is to use one of our mats underneath the apparatus to support your gymnast in case they fall.

We also suggest a mat for your beams and other bars, we have 2m to 3m folding options that provide great support for your gymnast as they tackle different routines. These can be placed on either side or underneath the beam or bars. We always recommend that you consider a mat, regardless of the beam or bar, or competency of your child.

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