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Stay and Play Balance Ball

Penguin Balance Ball


Zuu Penguin Balance Yoga Balls are the perfect way for children to exercise and get fit! Balance balls are great for yoga, stretching, alignment, posture, and ‘active sitting’. They are tested to hold static weight of up to up to 250kg.


Zuu Penguin Balance Balls are available in 45 – 65cm diameters. Check our FAQ’s on the right size for your yogi.

  • Pink
  • Blue
  • 45cm
  • 55cm
  • 65cm

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Length 5cm
Width 5cm
Thickness 2cm
Weight 0.5kg


Available in 45cm, 55cm and 65cm diameter, in blue and pink and are supplied with a hand inflation pump.


Our Balance Balls are made of TPR, a non-PVC burst-resistant material which is latex, PVC, phthalates, and chloride free, and are also anti-burst. This means that if punctured, the air will be released slowly.


How do I select the right yoga ball?

It is important to select the correct size yoga ball. This is determined by your height and weight, for rule of thumb the chart below outlines the ball size you should use dependent on height.

Ball Diameter:
30cm                                                     2-5 year old
45cm                                                     147cm (4’10”)
55cm                                                     147-160cm (4’10” to 5’3”)
65cm                                                     160-180cm (5’3” to 5’11”)
75cm                                                     180cm & taller (6’ plus)

To make the right selection, you should adopt the 90-degree rule for sitting on your yoga ball. Selecting the correct size exercise ball for you to use is determined by sitting in the correct exercise position: sit on the exercise ball with your feet flat – your hips and knees should form a 90-degree angle with each other. It is the correct exercise position for using your ball. If you happened to purchase a ball bigger than these guidelines then don’t inflate as much as you normally would. For example if you purchased a 65 cm ball and are shorter than 160cm, fit the ball using the 90-degree rule in sitting. If your exercise ball is under-inflated, the ball will not be as firm, but you will continue to benefit from the exercises. A good way to find out which one is suitable is to have your child sit in a chair at 90 degree angle and then measure the height to determine what size is suitable.

How do I care for the yoga ball?

Clear the play area of any sharp objects or rough surfaces that may puncture the ball. Only use on a smooth surface. Always check the ball for nicks or scratches before use. If damaged at all, do not use.

How to keep clean?

Gently hand wash the ball with a soft cloth and warm soapy water. Never use a harsh cloth or any abrasive chemicals that may scratch or damage the ball.


You don’t need to deflate the ball after use, however if there is a slight leak over time you can re-inflate.

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