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Parallel Bars-or-Uneven Bars Kit Blue

Parallel Bar, Mat, Pommel and Training Pod Combination


Zuu’s Parallel Bars, Pommel Horse, Mushroom Trainer, Rings and Foam Roller kit is coupled with our 3m Tumbling Mat (one only in kit) is a fantastic product combination for the budding gymnast to practice their skills at home.

Zuu’s Parallel Bars is the perfect companion for junior gymnasts looking to improve their skills away from the gym. The training bar is easy to set-up, and is excellent for practising routines at home.
Adjustable height range from 90cm to 150cm ,
L 1.2m x W 1.43m, weighs 70kg
Supports weight up to 150kg

Zuu’s Training Pod is the perfect training device for developing skills on the pommel horse.
Height is easily adjustable from 50 to 70cm
Diameter 60cm, weighs 28kg
Supports weight up to 80kg

Zuu’s Tumbling Mats are designed for all skill levels of activities requiring floor protection.
L 3m x W 1.2m x D 4.2cm

Zuu’s Junior Pommel Horse is designed to learn the basics and to hone and vastly improve all skill levels. The Pommel Horse has a synthetic cover and is finished in a blue powder coat that resists chipping, fading and regular wear and tear. It has a stabilizing chain ensuring the equipment is stable and secure.
Width between the pommels is 40cm
H 78cm tall, body is 65cm long, and weighs 30kg. The unit’s height is easily adjusted.
Supports weight of 80kg

24 month warranty, except for general wear from use, or misuse.

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Length 1.2m
Width 1.43m
Height 90cm to.150cm
Weight 70kg

CONSTRUCTION: Constructed with heavy duty steel and with two additional cross supports, the  Parallel Bars offers excellent stability. The fibreglass, durable rail is designed to support weight up to 150kg.


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