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High Fly Junior Bar & Mat Kit


Zuu’s High Fly Junior Bar and Mat Kit features our beautiful High Fly Junior Bar, coupled with our 2m Tumbling Mat and a FREE High Fly Bar Pad. Perfect product combination for your young gymnast to practice their skills at home.

Zuu’s High Fly Junior Bar is the perfect companion for junior gymnasts looking to improve their skills away from the gym. The training bar is easy to set-up, and is excellent for practising pullovers, casts, back hip circles and glide kips.

Bar adjustable: From 95cm to 150cm, weighs 25kg
Dimensions: L 1.5m x W 2m
Weight: Supports weight up to 100kg

Zuu’s Tumbling Mats are designed for all skill levels of activities requiring floor protection. Providing softness and shock absorption makes this mat an excellent choice for a number of disciplines. The mats are light and fold into 4 making them easy to handle and store.

Dimensions: L 2m x W 1.2m x T 4.2cm

24 month warranty, except for general wear from use, or misuse.


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