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high Fly Bar Junior Blue

High Fly Junior Bar, Beam & Mat Kit


Zuu’s High Fly Junior Bar, Beam and Mat Kit features our beautiful High Fly Junior Bar, 2.5m Junior Balance Beam coupled with our 2m Tumbling Mat and a FREE High Fly Bar Pad. Perfect product combination for your young gymnast to practice their skills at home. Ideally suits beginners up to level 3 gymnast.

Zuu’s High Fly Junior Bar is easy to set-up, and is excellent for practising pullovers, casts, back hip circles and glide kips.
Adjustable from 95cm to 150cm
L 1.5m x W 2m
Supports weight up to 100kg, swinging weight of 50kg

Junior Balance Beam
10cm Working Surface
L 2.5m x H 14cm

Tumbling Mat
L 2m x W 1.2m D 4.2cm

24 month warranty, except for general wear from use, or misuse.

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Length 1.5m
Width 2m
Height .95m to 1.5m
Weight 25kg

CONSTRUCTION: Constructed with heavy duty steel and with two additional cross supports, the High Fly Junior Bar offers excellent stability. The superb fibreglass durable rail is designed to support weight up to 100kg, with a swinging weight of 50kg.


Length 2.5m
Width 10cm
Height 14cm
Weight 12kg

Zuu’s Junior Beam are individually crafted using top-grade materials  with a wood core this beam  a very stable piece of apparatus. Finished in the perfect suede material identical to that of competition balance beams.


Length 2m
Width 1.2m
Height 42cm
Weight 8kg

Zuu’s Tumbling Mats are designed for all skill levels of activities requiring floor protection.

CONSTRUCTION: 18oz vinyl with high density foam.