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Girl with groovy dance bag

Groovy Dance Bag


Zuu’s Groovy Dance Bag is made from lightweight and luxurious neoprene. Our all-purpose stunning, two tone pink bag will get you to your gymnastics, dance, ballet studio or fitness class on time and organised! The super light neoprene means that you are not weighed down by our bag, making it the perfect dance partner.

We have made sure to accomodate your every need with multiple compartments to keep all of your belongings neatly in place and easily accessible, including an internal shoe catchment which is easily accessed from the outside of the bag (both ends) and can comfortably fit multiple pairs of soft shoes. Various zipper sections, pouches and a phone/drink holder provides ample space for all of your dancing and workout needs.

Dual hand held straps allow you to carry this bag with ease, with an adjustable long strap provides a great option. Easily the lightest weight and most beautiful bag!

  • Pink

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Height 25cm
Length 55cm
Width 25cm
Weight 0.7kg


1. Can I wash my new Groovy Dance Bag:

​Yes, as it is neoprene you can wash on a gentle cycle or by hand. Make sure to leave to dry in the shade (not in the dryer).

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