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Flamingo Mat

Flamingo Mat


Zuu’s stunning Flamingo mat has been designed to express your individuality and improve your practice. Made from non-slip strong rubber with a suede microfibre top, this mat will keep you grounded no matter how gruelling your workout. The more you perspire the better the grip, our mats are designed for all types of yoga and for general exercise. Zuu’s Flamingo mat is supplied with your choice of a black or pink carry strap or a black yoga bag.


There are two mat dimensions:

One for kids 1.52m and one for teens/adults 1.8m.

  • Black Strap
  • Pink Strap
  • Yoga Bag
  • Child
  • Teen

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Length 1.52m
Width 60cm
Thickness 4mm
Weight 2.2kg
Length 1.8m
Width 60cm
Thickness 4mm
Weight 2.8kg



Our mats are eco-friendly, they are manufactured from 100% biodegradable natural tree rubber. They are bonded to a beautiful non-slip microfibre suede surface.  Our Mats are free from PVC, chemicals, latex, silicone, toxic glues and smells, phthalates and chlorine.


How do I keep my mat clean?

Use cold water and either hand or machine wash, with our without soap. Don’t use bleach or put in the dryer. Towel dry the mat to absorb the excess water before hanging to dry.

What is the benefit of a rubber mat?

The rubber mat is eco-friendly and is free from PVC, chemicals, latex, silicone, toxic glues and smells, phthalates and chlorine. The mats are also 100% biodegradable.

My mat is slippery, what do I do?

You may feel that when using the mat for the first time the surface may be a little slippery. The anti-skid performance of the suede microfiber performs better when the mat is slightly wet. You can either spay with a light mist, or the sweat from your hands will do the trick.

How do I select the right mat for my child?

At Zuu our recommendation is to select a yoga mat that is the right size for your child. Generally for ages up to 9 our recommendation is the childs mat (1.52m). Ages 9+ our recommendation is the teen/adult mat (1.8m).

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