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Cheerleading Balance Stand

Cheerleading Balance Stand


Zuu’s Cheerleading Balance and Flexibility Stand is an amazing training device, perfect for all athletes, flyers, dancers or even karate. It is designed to help train athletes to use and improve their core muscles, along with improving jumps, strength, flexibility, tumbling and kicks.


The stand is 30cm high, with a base 50cm x 28cm. Available in pink and purple.

  • Pink
  • Purple

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Length/Base 50cm x 28cm
Width/Surface 20cm x 10cm
Depth 30cm
Weight 1.5kg


The stand is constructed in high density foam and is covered with 18oz vinyl.


Fee storage bag.


What mats are best for each piece of equipment?

At Zuu, we believe that you should always keep your gymnast safe by accompanying a mat with some of the key apparatus. For our High Fly Bars our suggestion is to use on of our mats underneath the apparatus to support your gymnast in case they fall.
We also suggest a mat for your beams, cheerleading stand and other bars, we have 2m to 3m folding options that provide great support for your gymnast or cheerleader as they tackle different routines. These can be placed on either side or underneath the beam or bars. We always recommend that you consider a mat, regardless of the beam or bar, or competency of your child.

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